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StepSetGo’s ‘Bazaar’ is ​a marketing utopia where the audience willingly engages with brand offers with a high purchasing intent.

The SSG Coins earned through walking are collected and used by a highly active userbase to avail exclusive offers.

Highly Engaged Userbase

6.5 Million

Home page

3.2 Million

Bazaar page

6 Sessions

Per avg. user

6.2 Min

Avg. time spent
Per Day on the application

Personalised Campaigns With Multiple CTAs


Avg. Offer Views


Avg. clickthrough

Increased brand visibility through rewards

22 Sec.

Avg. time spent
on browsing brand

3.2 Million

Bazaar page

The Bazaar

The Bazaar becomes a strong advertising tool with high levels of customisations available to create unique campaigns depending on your requirements (lead generation, creating brand awareness, targeted advertising, improving direct sales and much more.)

A high level of engagement (3 million + impressions per day) on the Bazaar page as well as a high clickthrough rate (an average of 20%) on the Brand page makes sure brands get the necessary traction by being on the platform.

Offer Widget On The Bazaar

Image Slider
To Display The Product On Offer

Offer Title
Explaining The Brand’s Offerings

That Provide Offer Details

Brand Space
To Talk About The Brand

Call To Action
Redirects To Brand’s Website

Showcasing Other Products From Brand

iphone frame

Brand Tie-Ups


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