Who Are We?

The baby of 3 childhood friends, StepSetGo is a health and fitness app. A platform that changes lives around it by redefining the reality of fitness. The app was created with the intent to make people fitter by encouraging them to be physically more active.

To redefine this reality of fitness, we are always looking out for individuals who want to take that extra step! With an average age of 26, the team at StepSetGo is always on its toes to bring in new and exciting ideas and improve the overall user experience.

Who Are We?

If you believe your experience and your attitude will help us improve India’s health, we are more than happy to have you on board


Our progress is not just due to the standard of our work, but also due to our character, our approach and the way we treat our users and our partners. Come join us in this open-cultured start-up, where we live, work, care and party, just like a Big Fit Indian Family.

The thing about living in a family is that no matter what happens, you will always have their back. Whether the servers go down or an urgent logistics shipment is to be delivered, the entire team ensures smooth functioning and walks shoulder-to-shoulder (while there is some corny music being played, of course).

All decisions, be it suggesting new breathtaking features or simply selecting a place for the next party are based on an organisation-wide discussion, with every single team member involved.

We want the best for our app so we can provide the best for our users. Our scale of operations is great, with responsibilities that are greater. Come join us on this journey of building a superlative product.